Attic Restoration

When these animals invade your home, they leave behind their feces (droppings) and urine which contaminate your insulation and drywall, as well animals especially rats and squirrels can destroy your a/c duct work, expose electrical wiring and much more. Rats and squirrels are notorious for causing the most damage mainly because there need to chew. Raccoons not trapped or removed quickly will leave large areas of insulation damaged from nesting. Once the animal is safely removed from your attic or crawl space and all the entry points are closed our team can perform a complete attic restoration. No matter what type of animal you have had in your attic you will need to make sure all the animal droppings get cleaned up and the surfaces are sanitized.

Health Hazards

There are many health hazards when it comes to having animal droppings in your attic. You will run the risk of catching different types of diseases due to the bacteria, mold and intestinal parasites in the droppings. The worms, intestinal parasites, and their eggs in droppings can live in the attic for up to two years because they are resilient to their surroundings. Due to all the health hazards that are involved when it comes to the animal droppings you may want to have us to take care of this problem for you.


In some cases will need to remove some or all of the old insulation and install new insulation because of all the bacteria that the insulation will retain from the urine and feces. The insulation will need to be installed in the correct manner so that the house will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. If the insulation is not installed properly or brought back to its original condition then your home will not be comfortable for you to stay in and your electric bill might be very high.

Our team will make sure your home is comfortable and your attic back to normal

Buzz Away will ensure your attic is safe, clean once again and the animal exclusion performed will ensure no rat,  raccoon, or squirrel will return to your attic or crawl space again.


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Wherever critters make their home they leave behind a mess. That’s where you need to follow up wildlife removal with a good attic restoration and cleanup plan. All wildlife can carry internal and external parasites such as fleas, ticks, mites, rabies, leptospirosis, roundworm etc. Leaving animal droppings behind can be dangerous, as this is where many of the bacteria, parasites, and diseases are found. When animal leaves, his scent will remain and attract other wildlife. Rodents, for example, leave a pheromone type scent that will attract other rodents. It is a good idea to have your attic cleaned.  Buzz Away Wildlife Removal Services offers simple waste removal and disinfecting spray programs, to a full attic restoration, decontamination including insulation removal and replacement. Upon attic inspection, the technician can inform you of any damage and what type of attic removal/remediation services are necessary. Buzz Away Wildlife Removal Services offers complete attic restoration and cleanup. We use professional safe methods to remove the damaged insulation, keeping the inside of your home clean and free of debris. Disinfectants used are environmentally friendly, hospital grade and safe for your pets and family. Call our wildlife removal services today for a free quote on your new insulation.
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