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Opossums are the only marsupials that inhabit in Florida. They may have as many as ten young at a time. Which are carried in their pouch at until they become too large and then ride on the mother’s back. They will inhabit many of the same places as raccoons. They are not susceptible to rabies, as the disease is not compatible with their physiology. However, they will carry heavy flea infestations and carry several intestinal bacteria or parasites that may be harmful to people and pets. Opossums, like many other animals, will bite when threatened but may also play dead if injured or threatened. When they find openings in air conditioning units, attics, crawlspaces or openings exist that are available to them they will move in and make a home. So make a quick call to us and have the opossum trapped or removed. Whatever the location, they will defecate on or contaminate insulation in attics and vapor barriers under homes. They may also pull down insulation under homes as they climb onto a pier or duct work. They will infest areas with fleas where they live and their offspring may also inhabit the area once they are large enough to become mobile.

About Opossums

The opossum happens to be the only marsupial that is native to North America, where they tend to thrive in suburban and wooded areas that are located east of the Rocky Mountain range. Mother Opossums will give birth to litters of undeveloped, tiny babies that are the size of honeybees, called joeys, that will crawl up into the mother’s pouch where they continue to grow. After the joeys become too large for their pouch, they will ride up on the back of the mother as she scavenges for food.

These nocturnal marsupials are known for eating anything, including roadkill, garbage, grass, rotten fruit, birds, snakes and insects. They hold a reputation for playing dead as they curl on their backs, sticking their tongue out and squirting a foul fluid from the anus while staring off into space whenever confronted by predators. They also attempt to scare their predators away by hissing and baring their teeth, which many people mistakenly think is a sign of rabies.

Opossums appearance

The opossum is roughly the size of a small dog or cat, and have small eyes, a narrow snout and a long, hairless prehensile tail that acts like a fifth limb while climbing trees. The bodies are covered with a grayish, white fur and they have more teeth than any of the other mammals in the United States. The sharp claws and opposable thumbs on their hind feet mixed with their prehensile tail help to make them agile climbers.

Opossums habitat

While the opossum remains native to wetlands and forests across North America, their trait of omnivorous scavenging allows them to fit in just about anywhere, including suburban environments. They like to nest in cavities in trees, or in abandoned dens from other animals, while sometimes taking up a home in a garage, unoccupied attic, shed, or underneath porches. The opossum will lead a solitary life, except when they are rearing joes, and are usually exclusively nocturnal in nature.

Opossums entry

Will an opossum enter into yards and homes? The answer is that an opossum can become a nuisance if they move into attics, garages, sheds and residential yards. The marsupials will often make homes of cloth scraps, twigs, grass and other materials in places that are dark and secluded for sleeping during the daytime. During the night, they will make their way into yards to find easy meals in gardens and garbage cans. Opossums that are used to living around people will sometimes enter into a home at night using an unsecured cat or dog door.

Damage caused by opossums

Are opossums known for harming property or people? While opossums may have an appearance that is unappealing and rat-like, they are not known to attack humans. The marsupials would rather play dead whenever confronted to help throw off a predator in order to escape. They are only a danger to humans and domestic pets due to the fact that they will carry diseases like tularemia, tuberculosis, toxoplasmosis, spotted fever, Chagas disease, along with lice, mites, and fleas.

The greatest damage from an opossum will take place in a garden where they will eat any fruits and vegetables they can find. They are also known for eating any unsecured pet foods that you may leave out overnight, rummaging through garbage cans and any compost heaps looking for edible scraps. Opossums will also often enter into chicken coops, destroying the nests, eggs and birds.

Safety & Control

In order to reduce the chances of them making their way into your home or yard, any entrances should be sealed up properly, including areas around attic vents, garage windows and doors, gaps in your walls or siding. You can also keep them from getting into your attic by trimming your trees or overgrown shrubs.

Trapping & Removal

While they are not prone to aggression, these are still wild animals. Any attempt for the removal of an opossum should be done by a fully trained professional. Buzz Awa specialists have all the education necessary to help remove opossums and anyone who is untrained will not have the resources, knowledge or certifications to handle and remove them safely.

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