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Skunks are found across the entire continental United States. They are well known for their black and white stripes as well as their pungent, acrid odor. Their musk is produced by two anal scent glands, and you can smell it over long distances. The chemicals in their bodies that produce this odor act like an irritant to several senses, and might even result in temporary blindness in some cases. Skunks are omnivorous and nocturnal and eat a number of different foods, including rodents, amphibians, small insects, and garbage as well.

Skunk Appearance

Skunks are around the same size as a domestic cat, and can be easily recognized by their black fur and white markings across their backs. There are also some species that might be black with striping and white spots. They have a triangular-shaped, small head with black eyes and short ears. Skunks have stout, short legs along with five-toed feet that are used to dig.

Skunk Habitat

This mammal can be found in pastures, open fields, wooded areas and open lands that border on forested areas. Skunks are mainly active at night and typically use burrows that other animals have abandoned in order to build their dens. However, they also use culverts, piles of brush and hollow logs in order to avoid being detected. They might also come into residential areas, and make their dens under decks, porches or even in buildings.

Skunk Entry

Do skunks enter yards or home?

Yes, skunks will enter into yards in search of new sources of food or to locate suitable dens. These animals are omnivores and feed on fruit, berries, frogs, snakes, small rodents, earthworms, and insects. When they are close to human habitation, their diets might be expanded to include garden plants, pet food that is left unattended and garbage.


Do skunks harm property or people?

Although skunks do help to control insects, most interactions between skunks and humans are negative. Skunks carry different diseases that are harmful to humans as well as domesticated animals, including distemper, tularemia, and rabies. They may also host various disease-causing parasites including tapeworms, ticks, mites and fleas.

The digging habits of skunks damage golf courses, gardens, and lawns. When they feel cornered or threatened, skunks are able to shoot their spray as far as twenty feet. The mode of defense may cause nausea and intense pain at times, especially when it is shot in the eyes directly.

Safety and Control

The best method for reducing the chance of experiencing a skunk infestation at your resident is to modify your yard and home. Remove pet food from any outdoor areas, secure your trash cans and monitor the amount of moisture around your house carefully, since skunks eat grubs and insect that thrive under moist conditions. Homeowners should also try to close off potential sites like under sheds and porches. Pets should be kept inside at night to help prevent any accidental spraying.

Are you in need of Skunk Control Services?

Most people might feel that controlling skunks sounds quite unpleasant. The possibility of getting sprayed is enough to contact a skunk professional and find out about their skunk control services. Truthfully you need an expert who has years of experience with controlling skunks and who knows how to limit the damage that skunks can do. Buzz Away takes great pride in controlling skunk problems.

Why Is Skunk Control So Important?

Whenever a skunk gets inside of your house, they can cause a great deal of structural damage to your house, in addition to the ventilation and insulation. If you are afraid there is a skunk nearby that might cause odor problems for your pets or you, then you should also think about contacting a skunk control service. Give Buzz Away call today if you think this has happened and you are in need of skunk control services. Since 1983 we have dealt with controlling skunks along with the damage they have. We know what the most effective methods are for controlling skunks.

How To Control Skunks

Buzz Away uses the safest and most effective skunk control methods when working to eliminate skunks around houses. The solution for controlling skunks has proven to be trapping. In addition, our professionals recommend that you clean areas on your property, such as food sources and woodpiles, to help keep away skunks and prevent any skunk control problems in the future.

Trapping And Removal

Encounters with skunks do happen on a pretty regular basis, however only professionals should handle them. Skunks will discharge their spray whenever they feel threatened, and the smell is hard to remove and also causes the eyes and skin to become seriously irritated. It is imperative to call a wildlife specialist in to properly remove a skunk since these professional specialists have the training, tools and knowledge to effectively and humanely resolve skunk problems.

Give us a call today so we can help you with getting rid of your skunk problem.

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