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rat removal service

Do you have rat problems? Buzz Away can rid you of your rat problems so you won’t have to worry about them. Many people research how to rid themselves of rats. However, killing rats isn’t always the best way to rid a home or building of rats. There are other answers.

Rat control services

If you want to know how to get rid of rats, you’ll appreciate rat control services. Buzz Away offers excellent rat control services. Give us a call and let us help you with your rat control issues. We’ll help you rid your home or business of rats.

How to identify a rat

Rats are a common pest in the United States. Typically, you’ll be dealing with a “Norway” rat. They are also referred to as a brown rat, a sewer rat, a house rat or a wharf rat. They are considered to be the most common rat in the United States. They are found in every state.

damage rat removal service

Common types of damage from rats

If you’re finding chewed wires, burrows or falling ill, you may have rats. Over the centuries, rats have caused many people to fall ill. They have caused huge plagues including the Black Death of Europe. They can bite, cause fevers and they like to feed on stored grains or to gnaw on your electrical wiring. According to statistics, rats are responsible for destroying approximately 20% of the world’s supply of food annually via feeding on it and contaminating the food.

In many cases, the rats are wary. There may be hundreds in a city nest. They reside in underground burrows. They live in sewers and on rooftops. They reside in buildings that have few people in them. Many people never see them, but, they are there, lurking. In a population, they are easy to control, however, the lone rat that you see, isn’t the real threat, it’s the population that is the threat. You need to eradicate them all.

How to control rat infestations

The Successful long-term rat control plan isn’t that easy. The key is not the individual rat, but rather, the entire nest. This will require an integrated method that will include non-lethal means such as conducting a thorough investigation. Upgrading sanitation and designing rat-proof structures. Lethal means will often include the use of rodenticides that uses non-toxic measures like glue boards and snap traps to captures the rats.

Rat disease and using a professional rat removal service

Many diseases are the direct results of rats. Often, the rats can transmit the disease by contaminating food items with their urine or their feces. They may also have fleas that bite them, and then bite you carrying disease to you in this fashion. Then, there is the potential for a bite from a rat. There is a disease called Rat Bite Fever. When a rat bites the person it gives them this disease. There is also Leptospirosis. Both conditions carry very similar symptoms and a medical professional will have to do some serious research to diagnose which condition the person has.

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